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EasySecurity is an alarm device software built for the Nabduino board. The software running on the device is based and written on C. In order to combine the embedded software with the Nabto plugin (the browser plugin needed for controlling the Nabduino device) TPT and XML have been used. Interestingly, this software turns the Nabduino board into alarm device which can track motion and report it into a Web application that it is running in the cloud. Moreover, the Web application gives you the opportunity to see if motion has been detected during particular day by selecting certain date. 


- The Web-application for the alarm is developed on PHP

- It uses MySQL database, where all the data is stored

- It gives you the opportunity to monitor your alarm device remotely

- The monitoring part of the Web-application is deployed on the AppFog Cloud

- Technologies and programming languages used for the application: C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Cloud computing

Business context

The purpose of this application is for a project in It, Network & Electronics Technology class at University College of Denmark, Aalborg.

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